Chemo in stomach

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I have been told if they open me up and find out I have Cancer.They will put Chemo in my stomach where tumors are.Has anyone on here had this before.And Do I still take Chemo later.Does it make you sick like other chemo.And do you loss your hair?Thanks everyone.God Bless.


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    Sorry to hear you're facing

    Sorry to hear you're facing this. Are you saying they think you have stomach cancer? If so, I suspect you'll get better answers on the stomach cancer forum. Chemo was not fun, but the anti nausea meds made it bearable. Best of luck to you! 

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    Best wishes

    Hello, I'm fairly new here, to date I haven't heard of putting chemo in your stomach or where the tumors are.

    Just wanted to wish you luck and let you know you'll be in my thoughts & prayers~

    XO~ Lori 

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    Well wishes!

    I'm  sorry but I have no answer for you and only wanted to wish you a good outcome and no more  cancer!  Please keep us posted!