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Chemo and radiation completed 29 Sept but later PET scan revealed "lit area" on left side lymph nodes.  Decision made to undergo dissection which was completed on Jan 29th.  Had follow-up today, Feb 4 with ENT who removed drainage tube, arranged removal of PEG tube and informed me that Pathology report found no evidence of cancer in specimen dissected, for whatever that is worth for whatever period of time..

Have regained most of taste already but still have saliva issues.


Should I be ecstatic or would that be premature?  Am I officially a cancer survivor or is there still a waiting period to accept that coronation? For now I guess I will try to just enjoy the moment but still afraid to plan anything for future.


life goes on...

for now


thank you all for your support advice and info.  I would not have made it without your help.


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    Nice up date...

    To me, you are a survivor. Then comes NED; then at five years [some Dr do it before] you get cured ! ! ! 

    If you had ant treatment and are still breathing, that is a survivor to me.

    When they took my larynx they got all the tumor and then some. So I have no cancer anywhere, and never needed radiation or chemo. All my doctor will say is I am NED. He has said it is very doughtful it would ever come back.

    Glad to hear you are doing good Mokus. Stay well my friend...


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    Congratulations,  Sir Vivor!  You are officially a survivor.  As Bill explained, the other titles will be bestowed upon you later. Enjoy your life!

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    This is great news. Hope you a speedy recovery.

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    Options estatic!!

    Kiss the air, do a jig around your kitchen table!  You are cancer free....


    Oh....and a huge congratulations!!!!

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    good update


    You should be ecstatic, “No Evidence of Cancer”  (NEC) = NED.

    Regained taste, which is delicious!

    Waiting period (years 1 – 5) is all part of the package.

    Stay on top of all things mokus and you should be ok.

    Good  luck,