Start Chemo in 2 days


Okay so I start in two days.  I have 5 little pills to take the night before.  I have two perscriptions for nausea and vomitting but not sure when to take, says one every six and one every 4 hours as needed.   I have been taking Miralax for some time now.  What suggestions do have for me?   Should I take one of the nausea pills before chemo.   Any other preps?  I will not see doctor again till Thursday before the Chemo.





  • Lou Ann M
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    I wouldn't take the Nausea

    I wouldn't take the Nausea med on chemo day because they usually give that as a premed. At least mine does.  I also get pepsid, Lorazapan, Benadryl and decadron Its a steroid to prevent allergic reactions.  Take the nausea med at any sign that you might have a problem.  I take my Ommeprozole every morning for a few days to help with the heartburn,  hope your day goes easy for you.  Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    Everyone is so different in

    Everyone is so different in how they react.  My doctor only gave me a steroid with my chemo so my brain wouldn't swell.  After the first two chemos I had about three or four bad days - diarhhea though, not constipation.  Bad bone pain with the Neulasta shot after second chemo.  For some reason all hell broke loose after third chemo, and nothing worked to stop the side effects including the nausea and a lot of other very unpleasant and painful side effects.  

    I hope this all goes good for you.  Some of the ladies on this board continued to work full time while going through their chemo with very few side effects.



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    I don't know the chemo drugs you're getting, but I'm getting a combo of taxol/carbo. It causes leg pain for a few days after and when I mentioned this to my oncologist she said to take Claritin D, starting the day before chemo and as long as I needed to. It has helped me alot. There is a post by Red Corvette,  titled something like Chemo Tomorrow. ... lots of folks wrote suggestions to Red Corvette's preparedness list -- check it out,  it might be helpful for you. Good luck on your first infusion, I hope all goes well.  Check in and let us all know how it went.

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    My Pre-Chemo List

    Everyones treatment is different, but in case it helps, here is what I take before day 1 (of my 3-day chemo) which is the one day that includes Taxol: two 4 mg doses of Dexamethasone (one the night before and one the mornng of), then Emend and Zantac when I get there, then they give me Doxil and Benadryl before they even start the day 1 chemos (Ifex/Mesna/Taxol). They also gave me a prescription of Prochlorperazine Maleate to take as needed for nausea after the chemo treatment is done. I've only had to take one of those so far (when I over-indulged with a spicy dinner).

    I've only had 3 rounds of chemo so far but the side effects have been very mild - way better than I expected. One word of advice would be to try to get some walking or other forms of light exercising in each day. It makes a huge difference for me. Even on the days when I feel fatigued, I try to walk at least a little bit.

    I hope your treatments go well! Wishing you strength and good health.