A clear scan and a 2.0 CEA, good for 4 more months.

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I know others are getting tested, and you have all my hopes and thoughts, that you get to move one step closer to freedom from this yoke. For those who don't get a break, I put out the idea that surviving is moving towards that treatment that will change the game with this lousy disease...............................Dave


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    WOO HOO!

    You know what that means, Dave.

    image     HAPPY DANCING MAN.


    And here we are, your forum friends.   image

    May you see many more Happy Dancing folks in your future. 

    Sue - Trubrit

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    Excellent news!

    So glad  you got good results.  I hope everyone  who is waiting for results this week can post equally good news.

    Although my results were not what  we'd hoped for,  I agree with you about surviving  and moving toward treatment that will change the game. Chemo, here I come again. Smile


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    Scan by scan

     Is the name of the game Dave. Keep doing what you are doing and keep on getting clear scans. Once when I applied for sickness benefits I was told that cancer is considered a short term illness. Everyone here knows what garbage that is. Time and patience kills cancer. Like I said  keep on doing what you are doing and have patience,best wishes ,Ron.

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    I am up tomorrow and will know Monday