Here's how I'm handling my mom's passing

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My mom passed away from uterine sarcoma cancer in 2014 after her doctor told her she was "cancer free". I now know that there is really no such thing as being cancer free. I was bitter for a long time about her death because my family completely fell apart after that. My sister had to go to a mental ward because she completely lost her sanity from the thought of losing my mom. My dad found a girlfriend three months after she passed and I've been trying to adjust to having someone else who isn't my mom around the house. My brother kept his depression in and hasn't really come to terms that she's passed. My mom was the rock and glue to our family and it's been a tough journey without her. Anyways, I decided to record my experience with her cancer so that I could put it into a story in memory of her. Please have a look if you have time. You may find it comforting :)


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    Thank you for sharing!
    I hope

    Thank you for sharing!

    I hope that you are able to bring your family back togehter.  Many times with grief, you have to find your own path.

    God Bless.