multiple lung nodules

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Hope I am posting this in the correct spot.  I have NOT been diagnosed with cancer but am awaiting tests to see if I may have some form of cancer.

I am 2 months into a 3 month wait for a followup CT scan and I find my fear increasing the closer it gets.  First I know that if I had anything definite they would be treating me already so that is something.

I do not understand some of the report and I know my chances are good that I will be fine or that it will have been caught it early.

But still I am terrified. 7 scattered lung nodules on both lungs.  the largest is .7cm and appears semi-solid although that was not in the report - I got a copy of the scan and looked for myself.  I have set up appt with my dr for tomorrow to ask all of my questions but not sure they can or will.  only the size of each nodule was given.  I don't know if they are calcifide oe non calcified, solid, ggo, or semi solid...I am high risk because of smoking which I have now quit...

Has anyone been through this and if so how did it turn out?


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    My adenocarcinoma was not

    My adenocarcinoma was not diagnosed until it was stage 4 and metasticized.  Nodules smaller than 1cm are too difficult to biopsy and likely to yield a false negative so we wait.  Please know that 95% of lung nodules resolve on their own.  They can result from exposure to household or commercial fumes, allergies and illness.  

    MI send hope that your nodules resolve themselves.  BTW, I live in Michigan and a very large portion of our population has nodules that they are not aware of which are caused by a common mold.