Neuroendocrine carcinoma of the neck


My husband was diagnosed with Neuroendocrine carcinoma of the neck. Needless to say, this is extremely rare to have in the neck area. So rare, that his oncologist suspected that the pathology report was incorrect. We live in Northeast PA in a middle size city. On his suggestion, we traveled to Memorial Sloan Kettering for a second opinion. They did comfirm the report and stated that this is a fast growing cancer therefore treatment should be started as soon as possible. Since we had an oncologist and radiologist inround has ended and he place, they recommended that we get treatment at home. They felt that the 2 hour trip for treatment would put undo stress on my husband. 

Our oncologist wrote a letter stating what treatment he would use if the original diagnosis was correct. The doctor at MSK consulted with him and agreed with his treatment plan. She stated that she was confident that his treatment was exactly what she would do so she agreed she had nothing extra to offer. So far we are happy with our decision to seek treatment locally since it is far easier to be close to home.

That stated we started Chemo a week later treating with Cisplatin and Etoposide. His first round has ended, and he is feeling good. Next week they will check blood work for white and red cell levels. 

Radiation will be added with the second round of chemo. My husband will get a feeding tube before his second round and before radiation. 

I was wondering if anyone on this site might have this type of cancer in the head and neck area.



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    hello irishlass258,

    ive read your msg for the 1st time today. How is your husband, and i Pray he is well!

     i was was diagnoised with a simular type of cancer last Oct, 2016 (neuroectodermal tumor). they orig called it neuroendrocrine! dont know the diff...  ive had surgery and several chemo treatments. i guess im now in remission. my next CT scan will be late Aug, 2017. if you dont mind sharing, did any of your husbands drs know how he came to have this sort of cancer? i was told this type of cancer is more associated in children ages 8-12, and only in the reproductive parts of their bodies..