Scan showing enlarged lymph nodes....larger than scan two months prior??

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I was expecting stage 2A adenocarcinoma 5/15  wedge 

Resection removed tumor and 7 lymph nodes 1 which was positive

Completed 4 rounds chemo 9/15( given in case any cells floating around.)

First scan good, except were watching a few nodes. I was having back and rib pain

So had second scan done Jan 2016 instead of waiting till.3/2016. Saw pulmonary

dr, and wants nonpayment week due to the.enlargements of nodes. I am terrified

And so worried, the nodes are in mid chest bronchial I so confused

About it all and don't know what to expect. Did they miss these lymph nodes ? 

What changes now,.treatment ? 

Stage change outlook? If anyone has had anything similar please post...So worried 

Thank you






  • dennycee
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    Progression in cancer.

    Cancer cell are smart little cells.  if its means to reproduce, the pathway by which it forms, it modifies itself and finds a new pathway to grow.  This has been a major problem in learning to treat it.  Receiving a report of No Evidence of Disease (NED) does not mean that the cancer is 100% gone, only that there is no sign of any measurable metabolic activity. The key word being measurable, there is no test yet sensitive enough to measure activity of a small number of cancer cells but the new circulating DNA biopsies (liquid biopsies) show serious promise.