Stomach Cancer survivors... I could use advice..

My brother is a stomach cancer survivor. I use the term "survivor"loosley because he is always feeling so sick and depressed I dont know how to help anymore. I would really like to find out hot I can help him move forward with his life. He got stage 4 stomach Cancer 8 hears ago. He got very sick very quickly, surgery, chemo, had double "heart "bypass.. , and had to have all his teeth removed.The last 8 years have been just a battle for him with eating,  energy, depression, alchohol abuse, pills, anger, lonliness, and related. He was a hardworking entrepreneur with his own business but now he is a shell of the man he was. I have been helping him as much as he would allow over the years. He lives about 30

min. from me and my 86 year old mother who I care for. In the last week he cycled again down becoming so weak and depressed,he would and then could not care for himself. I moved him into my very small house where he is staying on the couch. He can barely walk or eats only what he orders from a local restaurant. He insists he can only eat this food because it tastes good and fresh. I have given up trying to cook for him because he will not eat anything but takeout. He wants to stay here in my living room on the couch until he feels strong and then plans to go home.He only moves from couch to bathroom and thats it. I or my mother get him everything he needs from tea to clean clothes, shopping , ect

He has had 4 sets of false teeth and refuses to wear them claiming they hurt and make him gag.They have been adjusted everyway possible.

Well, this is enough explanation. I really need  help. I just started a new job and if I cant help him on his feet I dont know what I will do. I have 3 sisters with homes but he is very hard to live with so they have not offered to help.They call him with moral support but this has not been enough. 

Where and what can I do to get him on his feet. By the way his Drs. told him he should be able to eat and function because he does not have any underlying major illnessHe eats almost anything and then feels ill. He just goes for calories not

Please give me your advice if you are a survivor on what I can do for him. I feel very sad for him and I am getting to the

end of my rope. I am to start my new job next Monday and am scared this will never work out. 











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    i see no one answered your post either.I am a breast Cancer survivor .They have found tumors in my stomach.Possibly Cancer.I am afraid I am not much help.It sounds like he needs depression medicine.Your a good sis. To be helping him.God bless you.

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    im a year and a half out and

    im a year and a half out and I still battle with depression although not on that scale has he gone to talk to anyone like your local cancer support community facility. Being an 8 year survivor of stage 4 is great

    they also have programs for caregivers as well which might be able to give you some answers