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It's been quite a while since I have posted anything.  Not too much time passes by that I don't drop in to catch up.  Last year was a rough one for our family here in HNC.  Lately there seems to be a lot more new names.  Sadly, it seems to never end.  I just wanted to give a little good news.  My brother, whom some may remember decided to not do any follow-up scans, finally gave in (I think to shut me up) and got one done.  His doctor did ask him where the hell he has been!  LOL  He is, indeed, cancer free now and doesn't have to see his doctors again for another year.  When I came on and saw that our dear Phrannie had a recurrence I really put the pressure on him to get a scan.  He had been seeing his ENT, and followed his advice that he didn't reallly need the scan.  I vehemently disagreed.  With great fanfare, for our Christmas dinner toast, Kraig announced the results of his test!  I am so thankful that my brother can say, "I told you so!"  I wish you all the best in 2016. 


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    That is great news

    and probably the best Christmas present ever! Yes, there are lots of new people...myself included and this site has been a godsend to my husband and I. Continued best wishes for your brother.


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    hello to you too


    Nice to hear from you.


    Happy “NED” New Year to Kraig!!!



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    Good....the squeaky wheel

    gets the grease.  I'm so glad he got the scan, and delighted it was NED!!!  What a great Christmas present for everyone!  Even if he said "I told you so"....I'll bet inside he breathed a big sigh of relief and was glad he got one done.

    Happy you stopped in and said hi...and caught us up on Kraig!


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    Thanks for stopping and letting us know...

    Glad to hear he is still NED


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    Well! Nice big sigh but wonderful news. It is a fine point to find where you don't worry too much or too little. Glad he's good to go.