Feeling tired and sleeping alot


I'm 3 months post treatment and I feel tired quite a bit and can fall asleep and sleep most of a day if I'd let myself. I went through chemo and radiation. Anyone else have this problem? Is this normal? Thanks.


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    Tired and sleeping

    It gets better Dave. I am 9 months post treatment (6wks IMRT 7 Fields) and still get a bit fatigued at work. Energy does come back. I finished treatment March 3rd 2015 and was walking 4 to 5 miles in April and playing tennis by the end of June. Just keep at it. 

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    Have you had that checked?  I don't think you are outside the bounds of normalcy, though.  

    Others who have had this will chime in.

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    sleepy in Oregon


    You sound H&N normal to me.

    Keep your blood work up to date, get all your nutrition and stay hydrated.


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    It takes time...

    a LOT of time to return to what feels like a sembelance of normal.  I had to go back to work at 6 weeks outof treatment....that was in October, I started feeling a little less tired by February....and noticed my energy actually coming into the range of normal by June.  Healing takes a long time.  Maybe push yourself by walking around the block....I started walking the minute I was done with treatment.


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    Dave- sounds pretty Abi-normal to me

    meaning that many others here have expressed similar experiences after head and neck cancer. I sure hope that all the posters are correct and that things will improve with time. I know my husband is 4 months post tx and still struggling with fatigue...but looks for better days to come. Hang in there and keep putting one foot in front of the other.


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    Great having you here with us, as most everyone said give it time. Your body just went through hell and it is tired needing rest so it can start rebuilding its self. One thing you will need to do is to get your Thyroid check, as with me mine stopped working altogether and I would get very weak and almost falling down. But after taking the Thyroid meds within a few weeks I was doing great.


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    Sounds like THYROID

    Call your PCP and tell them you need your Thyroid checked, it sounds very low and if you had any radiation they might have fried the thyroid gland, they often do with H&N. Simple blood test and then a very inexpensive pill but it will take then a few months to get it dialed in. Without insurance it is around $35 for three months. I was born with only half a thyroid gland so I have been taking it for 50+ years.  The minute I saw sleepy and can stay in bed I thought thyroid is Very low. They might go too much at first to just get it working. If you get too much your hands will get sweaty and food can upset your stomach to when you eat you might need a restroom fast.

    Also do Vitamin D. "D" is often over looked and when they did check mine I was told to leave and go straight to pharmacy and take 5000 ui every day. 30 is the lowest number you should ever have, and mine was below what they measure <5, 5 is the lowest reading they take.