Finished chemo today!


My husband had his last chemo today for his tongue cancer. Boom- 6 rounds of cisplatin done. We can't believe it. Both his radiologist and oncologist said he is doing so much better than the average. That said, my husband is kind of down in the dumps from the mucositis he has been having. Today was a big milestone though, and I hope it makes him feel somewhat better. I want him to know how well he has done. He has been truly amazing.

6 more rads and then he will be totally done all of the treatment. Then it is time to recover. But for now, chemo is done!


  • Barbaraek
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    Doing the happy happy dance for you!

    It is a BIG milestone! You can see the finish line aheadand you both have the strength and fortitude to make it. Cisplatin is a potent, powerful drug - tell your husband to picture it destroying all those cancer cells and maybe he will perk up a bit. My husband had horrendous mucositis, as did many on this forum-the good news is that eventually it subsides. I'm sure you've read several of the posts about mucositis - it might be worth it to try some L-Glutamine powder dissolved in water if you haven't yet. Also there is a product called GelClair that provides relief for some users.

    Continued prayers and well wishes for you both!


  • Hondo
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    Finish line

    The finish line is just ahead now, glad you both made the trip safe and sound.



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    Finished! That'a great feeling, isn't it? The last week of rads will fly by, he'll cook a little longer and then the healing process will begin. Knowing the mucositis will get better in a few weeks should lift your husband's spirits. It's a slow recovery, but your husband has done so well this far, he will probably be back to normal sooner than average. Congratulations to you too, Superwife!


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    Great to hear he is doing well. 6 more rads and then kickback and relax.


  • wmc
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    Tell him we are ALL Proud of him too...

    Swopoe let him know he IS doing really good and we hope the ballance of rads go very easy on him. It si strange in a way on how it can effect people in so many different ways. Some it is so hard on it makes you just wan't to cre, and others go through with very little problems, so you are so happy for them it gets to you as well. Thank you for the up date, and don't forget, you get lots of credit as his caregiver and helping it be easier. 


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    keep drinking and swallowing


    Very good!

    The countdown has begun.


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    Awesome to finish!   First

    Awesome to finish!   First week after was crap but after that improvement!!  So happy for you!!

  • Laralyn
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    The end is in sight! Soon he'll be past the radiation too and on the road to healing. :-)

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    That's awesome! Your husband went through it so much easier than mine. We had a really tough ride in comparision. Kind of like a bucking bronco rodeo, lol! Not sure why the difference, but I'm happy for you guys. Hopefully he'll stay on an even keel and his recovery will be just as easy! :)