My hair is growing back while on chemo?


OK, with this head rash infection, I admit I'm watching my head more than before, but when I run my hands over it, it feels like more hair!  I also got my magnifying mirror out (chemo has changed my vision too) and I can see in the light lots of white hair, short like it was when I had it shaved, but it's new, not the old darker hair.  ????  OK, I'll ask the stupid question (I think I know the answer though), is chemo working?  I know the sde effect of both carbo and taxol are hair loss, and I had lost 99% of my shaved hair.  I'm going to assume my body is super trying to regain what chemo takes away (bless it's little heart).  I also know that just because you have more (or less) side effects does not mean the chemo isn't working. 

Long story short, a little history, my son had large cell non-hodgkins lymphoma when he was 15, recurred when he was 16.  He had radiation only when 15, it recurred, he had aggressive chemo, lost his hair (was bald on his first drivers license at 16), then almost immediately after his first couple of chemos his hair started growing back.  The girls would love to run their hands over his peach fuzz.  His hair grew back thick, he's still thriving 30+ years later.  He was diagnosed on a Friday the 13th, coincidence, I was diagnosed on a Friday the 13th!  Perhaps a little good luck for me too?  Now with my peach fuzz, I'm taking it as a sign from my departed husband to hang in there and I'll be OK.  Or maybe instead of a sign, it's just my imagination along with my first 1/2 glass of red wine since Christmas.  Hugs Nancy


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    I had my last chemo almost

    I had my last chemo almost five weeks ago and I don't have any hair growing back.  The weird thing is, I never lost my eyebrows or eye lashes from the chemo.  I know there is a lady on here whose hair never grew back!  

    I'm still dealing with side effects from last chemo so maybe the Taxotere and Carboplatin are still in my body and that's why no hair??



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    My hair would start growing

    My hair would start growing out between chemo treatments.  The rash, if you actually shaved your hair is like men's razor rash on their face.  I learned to use a new razor each time I shaved my head to get the stumble off and a moisture shaving cream. My hair did grow back after the last chemo treatment but I had more per square inch but the texture had more body to it so when it gets about 2 inches it stRts stickng out sideways. I keep my hIr about 1 inch long now. I personally did not freK out when I lost my hair and really enjoyed being bald.  When I went back to work went bald and sat n the same side as two older guys who were bald so we started saying that only the bald people could sit on our side.  I would go back to being bald in a heart beat but again that is just me.  Good luck on your treatments and may your hair grow back after treatment is over. Trish

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    I never lost all the hair

    on my head, though it was pretty much gone everywhere, EVERYWHERE else.  When I shaved it, I only shaved it down to about 1/4" and what didn't fall out did continue to grow, although much more slowly, during chemo.  I'm 4 weeks out from chemo now, and so far it doesn't seem that anything is noticeably growing back yet.  My medical oncologist also told me that lack of side effects does not mean the chemo is not working.

    I'll bet that wine tasted great.  I'm gradually working red wine back into my dinners.  Nice to be able to enjoy that again.