Immune System Insulins

ffenner Member Posts: 4

In 2015 I went through chemo treatment but had to temporary stop my treatment due to my immune system becoming very low at would place me in a life threaten status if I had continue with my chemo. 

I knew that I would have to complete my chemo treatment at some point so now that 2016 has arrived, the cancer remains but has grew in an aggressive format.  Me and my doctors have been trying to hold off on treatment to allow my immune system to build.  Although I have a balanced diet, exercise and have done many natural processes to maintain and boost my system and I continue to go back and forth with a poor immune system level.

In speaking with a few people who were in my situation advised me of an insulin that they took prior and after each chemo treatment and although they have stopped chemo treatment they continue to take the self injected insulin.

The challenge for me is that I forgot the names they told me and I not able to locate them individuals I spoke with due to meeting them in random places. 

Does any happen to know the various names of the insulin’s used to maintain and/or boost the immune system? 


Thanks for your assistance folks...