Janet Jackson - hope it's not HNC


  • Hondo
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    Sorry to hear that

    Thanks for sharing this, it shows no one is exempt from this beast I just hope and pray it does not affect her voice.



  • wmc
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    Sure sounds like what I had...........

    Vocal cords, sure sounds like supraglottic and what I had. My tumor was blocking my left vocal cord. I sure hope they can get it and keep her vocal cords intact.


  • the_wife
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    There was something just posted on her twitter and Facebook page that said (after a music video), that she does not have cancer, that she is recovering, and that her postponed shows will be rescheduled. So it sounds like vague statements about her health turned into a rumor? 

  • donfoo
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    false alarm

    Apparently, she has made statement that she does not have oral cancer. Exactly what it is was not clear.