Glycopyrrolate for mucousitis

Has anyone here tried this drug? My husband was given this on Monday, and I must say that it has been working wonders for him. 

He had a pretty rough end to the week last week with really bad mucousitis, which caused him to vomit a few times and really prevented him from eating by mouth. Thank goodness for the PEG tube over the weekend. He had an appt. with a pain management doctor on Monday, who prescribed him reglan for nausea and glycopyrrolate for the mucousitis. The glycopyrrolate is supposed to dry the mucous up and is sometimes used for patients before surgeries. The doctor said it isn't well know for use in these cases, but she likes it. 

Anyway, after just 2 doses on Monday,  my husband started to do so much better. The mucous is cut down by so much.  He isn't spitting as much or coughing up as much. He is now back to eating by mouth almost exclusively (he did only 1 tube feed yesterday), and last night he even had some ground turkey with avocado and cheddar cheese. He said the med Makes his throat a bit dry, but if he drinks water with his food, it is fine.

so I wanted to let you guys know about this med. it seems to really be working. 1 chemo and 11 rads left for my sweet husband. Can't wait until we are done!!


  • MrsBD
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    It's great that your husband got relief from one of the most annoying side effects from radiation. I've recently heard that the spice turmeric can also help. One more chemo! I'll be counting down the days with you!

  • Barbaraek
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    Whatever helps alleviate pain

    and troublesome side effects is a good thing!! Thank you for sharing the info. We learn so much from one another here, that's why it feels like family.

    one more to go!!! Yes, you two can do it - you are champions!


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     It can and is very good in a lot of different cases, but my problem it causes very dry mouth. But if it is working for him right now that is great, we need to do what ever works



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    That's great that your

    That's great that your husband is doing so well! You'll be done with this before you know it! I'm amazed that he's eating so well. My husband struggled with nausea and weird taste sensations so much that food was/is replusive. So keep up the good work! As long as he keeps eating he won't be so dependent on the PEG tube (although it's good that it's there for backup). If he keeps this up, he won't have to struggle with transitioning from the tube to real food, and that's HUGE!

    Good job you two!