Back Again



Hello to all the oldies but goodies and the new members to this diverse group.   I havn't been on the boards for a long time either.  Just wanted to say that it is nice to see so many familiar faces.  We are all changed by our experiences with cancer....some good and bad.  Praying that the things we have learned along the way will be a blessing to someone who needs it.  Still fighting to regain who I was and adjust to who I am.  I think only cancer patients can truly understand what I mean.    Love to all!  


Stage IIIc

Oct 2007




  • ron50
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    Hi Debbie

      Good to see you again and hope you are in good health and striving for a new normal, Ron.

  • beaumontdave
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    I was diagnosed IIIb in Sept.

    I was diagnosed IIIb in Sept. 07. Debbie, I hope you got away clean, but it sounds like you had it rougher than that. I came to this blog late, I checked in and read every so often, but figured to tough it out and skip talking to folks about stuff I wanted to ignore. Now I know their's a certain catharsis to talking to those dealing with this crap, and even more so, listening[reading and typing may be precise, but they don't sound right]. I hope you make it back occassionally, those who can move on help the rest of us believe...................Dave