Water bottle Nazis

For those of you who read my "I'm Angry" post about my husband not being allowed to take a water bottle into his 5 hour recertification exam (in spite of having a doctor's note)....

I am now thumbing my nose at the water bottle Nazis. He passed his exam with flying colors and doesn't have to sit for it again until 2026.

Hooray...the good guys win :)




  • swopoe
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    to your husband! What wonderful news. Now let him take that water bottle wherever he damn well pleases!

  • wmc
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    Yes that is good news....

    I must agree that is just about the stupidest rule I have heard. However, if they came up with that power trip rule, you can bet they will come up with more. I often wonder how someone can gradulate with all the degrees, yet still be dumber than a box of rocks.


  • Noellesmom
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    Wonderful news!

    So glad he passed!

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  • supagama
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    I'm so happy to hear that..we learn to be tough!


  • MrsBD
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    Great news! Congratulations

    Great news! Congratulations to you husband. (You too. Because we all know behind every great man....)