Daily pain from radiation burns for over one year

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I have been having daily severe burning sensations from radiation I had over a year ago on my mastectomy area and arm.  I have tried acupuncture, herbs, stem cell injections, and now hyperbaric oxygen.  There seems to be little knowledge of this type of radiation damage, how it is measured and treated and I am desparately seeking others who are suffering to pool together to find adequate treatment and a cure to this horrible pain.  Please help anyone!


  • Hondo
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    Hi Orialovesu

    kI live with a lot of radiation side effects due to being radiated twice in the same area. But having burning sensations is not one of them, and how you are describing it I hope that is one I never get.

    When I was having nerve problems from radiation one of my doctors put me on Lyrica and it worked very good. Ask your doctor and see if he thinks it might bring you some help.


    God Bless