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Caregivers need to take care of themselves.

I just got back from an appt with a retina specialist.  The scar on my retina which is causing a small blind spot was caused by stress.  It appears a blood vessel ruptured and, fortunately, sealed itself off.

The doctor said these are seen in people under extreme stress.  No physiological issue exists to cause it.  He asked if I was under any stress to please modify it.

My husband is dying slowly from treatment side effects for head and neck cancer.  Five years out from diagnosis.  Three emergency room trips this past year, two resulting in DNR bracelets on his arm.

Little bit of stress going on here...

Take care of yourselves!


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    Amen.  Caregivers do need to

    Amen.  Caregivers do need to take care of themselves. 

    Many prayers for you and your family.  Take care!


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    Please do take care of yourself and keep posting.  We are here for you.  HUGS xoxox