Clear scan

My husband just had his 3 month PET scan following chemoradiation for tonsil cancer and I am thrilled to report that he is CANCER FREE!!! We are so very grateful and relieved!

I also wanted to say Thanks again to the folks here on this thread. When I was overwhelmed with caregiving and facing the most bleak moments of my life (and feeling very much alone) it was so nice to come here and read your encouraging words. Even though I wasn't active on the board at that time, it gave me such hope to see all the survivors who are managing quite well. I also appreciated being able to read about the REALITY of treatment, all the while knowing that everyone's experience is different. So THANK YOU for being here!!

I want to wish everyone a healthy and happy Christmas!! We will be staying at home this year - we're still feeling a little vulnerable and fresh from the battle. It will be nice to be able to finally relax and celebrate our victory together....just the two of us. 

Happy Holidays!


  • wmc
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    Wow, that is a great Christmas gift...NED

    Guess you couldn't ask for anything better that NED for Christmas.  Merry Christmas, and may all his days be better then his today's.


  • lifeisDHA
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    So happy for you!

    This is wonderful news!

  • kdot2003
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    YIPPEEEE Merry

    YIPPEEEE Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barbaraek
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    Time for a happy dance!

    Fantastic! It is the BEST news ever to hear "no evidence of disease". May you enjoy this Christmas and many more to come!!


  • Noellesmom
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    great news!


  • rcaulder
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    So happy for you both.

  • donfoo
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    wonderful news!

    So nice to hear NED reports. Remember many HNC survivors do really well and most graduate from here and go back to living well and don't hang around here so much. Keep steadfast during recoveryl, be patient, it does take time. Many discover the new normal is like the old normal, some find it is different. Enjoy! and Merry Christmas!

  • MrsBD
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    Wonderful news! I'm sorry to

    Wonderful news! I'm sorry to say you won't be celebrating alone- we are all there with you! 

  • phrannie51
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    Whoo Hoo and...

    Merry Christmas to YOU BOTH!!  I hope you grabbed him and did a jig around the kitchen table.


  • supagama
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    Barbaraek said:

    Time for a happy dance!

    Fantastic! It is the BEST news ever to hear "no evidence of disease". May you enjoy this Christmas and many more to come!!



    That is such wonderful news!  I, too, received a NED for Christmas and feel truely blessed!


  • swopoe
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    what wonderful news for both of you! Happy holidays to you both and congratulations!

  • CivilMatt
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    The first of many!







  • Laralyn
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    Awesome news!

    And perfect timing for it too! I hope it makes your family holidays even more full of peace and joy. :-)

  • Hondo
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    St. NED came for Christmas wow that is just wonderful news.