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  Good morning, I'm usually on the kidney cancer forum. My mother has never had cancer. She has been suffering with rib pain. I took her to the ER. on Sunday and the ct. showed lung cancer in both lungs. I'm wondering is this stage 4. Does anyone have any information on this? Looks like in lymph nodes .


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    There is a strong probability

    There is a strong probability that it is a stage 4 cancer from your description.  HOWEVR, its not cancer till the biopsy says its cancer. Your mom has some testing to go through.  After the CT they need to do a fine needle biopsy or a bronchoscopy to get a piece for typing and genetic mutations.  There will be a PET scan, a bone scan and brain MRI.  It took more than a month to get mine diagnosed and staged.  

     There are many things that can cause the nodules in the lungs and infections that can cause a cloudy appearance on the ct.  I send hope that it is well managed and cared for.  My stage 4 lung cancer was diagnosed in 2010 in both lungs, lymph nodes and pleural effusion.  Please let us know how the biopsy goes.  

  • Don’t give up & Don't

    Don’t give up & Don't panic! 

    Your should go for PET scan, a bone scan and brain MRI for your mother's treatment. 

    Knowledge is power; learn as much as you can about this disease so you can participate fully in treatment decisions. And the most important thing, don’t delay your mother's treatment.

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