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of all the bad luck my step son in law has just been diagnosed with head and neck cancer. He has to start surgery and radiation soon. He's heading out to Florida with his daughters to spend Xmas day in Disney land so he's postponed treatment. He lost his wife to ovarian cancer three years ago, his daughters all live at home with him and this year before the cancer appeared he'd booked this holiday for a treat for them. Cancer seems to be rearing its ugly head all around me. Two neighbours recently told me they had cancer and was soon starting treatment, they approached me because they knew I'd had cancer and was surviving, I guess I'm like a life raft, their clinging on to the fact, that you can survive. My stepson in law also says if I survived it so can he. He know the routine of going through the treatment by watching me going through it and isn't he says... His daughters have faith that I survived so will he. I'll be his rock while he goes through it and I hope his faith in me helps him through it.


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    While I am sorry for those

    While I am sorry for those who are just starting the battle, it's good that you can be an inspiration to your neighbors and relatives. You will be awesome!

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    Cancer does seem to be everywhere!

    But hopefully your stepson in law will have a successful outcome and he will gain lots of inspiration and encouragement from you. You'll have lots of good information and advice for him, including this forum. I think creating some special memories and enjoying the holiday with his daughters is good and will give him some positive things to think about when he starts treatment. all the best to him and to you also.



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    Jackie i'm sorry to here this.

    He does have several things on his side. YOU for one will beable to help him understand what the heck is going on. Second, we will all have him in our thoughts and prayers.


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    so sorry to hear the news, Jackie. good thing is he does have you to offer plenty first hand experiences and advice. Try to get him visiting here asap. nothing  better than getting directly involved here. he'll also learn many get through this with far fewer side effects as what you've endured.