New SC DX/Neural Invasion?

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Hello all, I am new to the ACS site discussion board and posted (incorrectly) in a years old discussion a few days ago. 


I rec'd the results of a biopsy 3 days ago - squamous cell carcinoma on my left leg.  They are scheduling me for Mohs surgery. I hope to hear Monday.

I had Stage 3c Ovarian Cancer in 2002, recurrence 2013.

I have also had melanoma in situ on my right leg.

After surviving metastatic OVCA 2x,  I am not hysterical about this dx, however I am wondering if anyone can tell me about the strange feelings surrounding the tumor?  I have what feels like small electric shocks coming out from the center of tumor along my leg. (sort of feels like neuropathy I had for awhile with chemo treatments) I have read "some" about neural invasion and wonder if this is an indication or symptom of neural invasion. I understand I will find out after surgery but I am doing best to prepare for future because I am currently supporting my daughter through bi-lateral mastectomy due to invasive breast cancer!

Any thoughts will be appreciated.