suicide gene + chemo

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here,s the link maybe someone will turn it blue for you ,,,. www. found it interesting.. NEPOL


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    The other face of a Vaccine type therapy


    Thanks for the link.

    As the article comments, using viruses and adenovirus to treat prostate cancer is an old modality/theory projected for the "fabrication" of an anti cancer vaccine. I recall reading details of the study back in 2001 when I was looking for a Prostascint exam. At the time researchers were looking for ways to stimulate responses by the immune system to attack a non armful virus injected in the patient, but nothing were told about techniques involving genetic alterations of the prostate cancer itself. This is new and more trustful for success.

    In any case, the newer "treatment/modality" has been administered in combination with other traditional therapies (IMRT, Chemo and HT) which obscures its own outcomes and benefits. I wonder what the herpes virus may cause to the patient, if the infection becomes extensive. Will the injected anti-herpes drugs (valacyclovir) also protect against any outbreak in the exterior tissues (the skin)?

    I hope they continue the trials and get good results. We can wait. The study is based on data from trials already 12 years old.

    Best wishes.