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I had a "routine" PET scan on Dec. 2 and an appt with my radiation oncologist this week.  He said my scan was perfect and he won't be doing another one (mostly due to insurance purposes) unless it's necessary.  (Glad to hear this with all the recent discussion of scans & contrasts.)  It's 3 years since diagnosis and 2 years 9 months since I finished treatment.  He told me I'm "in a good place" since most recurrances happen between years 1 and 2.  I am fortunate to have great results with minor side effects. 



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    I am SO happy for you--what great news!  I applaud your oncologist for not putting you through any more scans for the reasons you stated.  This is fantastic and I hope you take some time to celebrate!


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    Great news!  Thank you for sharing your news.  Cool

    I quit having ct scans for the anal cancer, but I have to continue to have ct scans for the lung cancer.  Its been 6 years since tx for the anal cancer 6-30-09 and 5 years since the tx for the lung cancer 9-23-10.  My dr said since I was a smoker I have to have a ct scan for 15 years from when I quit smoking.  So that will be 5-4-24 when I can quit,  I will be radioactive.  For the lung cancer you have to catch it early or it may metastisized quickly.

    I wish you continued great news.  Lori


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    Good news

    I am glad you got the all clear!!!

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    So glad to hear of your good news.  I heard the same information about recurrences likely within the first 2 years.  When I hit the 2 year mark a little over a year ago I got a surprising hug from my radiation oncologist.  I got the sense that all of my doctors were incredibly relieved at that point.  Everyone seemed to relax a little.

    Congratulations to you!


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    Yipee!!! I just love to read when people have a good is encouraging for all to hear.  Congratulation to you!

    (Like Lori, I will need to be scanned for some time due to unique least know that if ever a black out we will have your backs)

    Thanks for sharing your great news......