I found this product.....

via a friend who's dad is going through throat cancer.  Granted it's not full of calories, BUT it's a protein powder that comes in flavors other than vanilla and chocolate.....it actually comes "unflavored" so can be added to anything that could use a boost in protein.  You could get 21 grams of protein in a glass of water Smile

I bought some unflavored and some chicken soup (to add to soups for me) flavors....unflavored to add to everything.




  • wolfen
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    Have been thinking of you. Where are you in your treatment plan right now? Will you be going to Seattle?

    Luv Ya,


  • wmc
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    Thanks for posting

    A nice way to get extra protein which helps with recovery.


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    That Dog!

    Your diggie doggie is bigger than you!  I recently read that dogs help humans live a longer and fuller life.  True or not, I don't care.  Our little Heinz 57 is the heart of the home.


    I hope you're doing okay Phrannie.  Sorry about your recent brush.



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    Hi P

    I am going to give it a try, will bring it with me next month when I go to Honduras and maybe mix it with a few Coconuts and mangos. What that should be good, just too bad I can’t taste it to let you know how it was.


    Take care