$20,000 Out of Pocket for Laser Ablation Treatment

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I have been given the choice of either laser ablation treatment or another round with cryoablation surgery.  The cryoablation treatment is covered by my insurance company, but the laser treatment is not.  The laser treatment would be performed by Dr. Walser at the University of Texas who has only performed approximately 130 laser suergeries but is recommended by Dr. Myers.  If I choose to have another round of cryoablation treatments, my BCBS insurance would cover the cost.

Laser treatment is safer and may save some ability to have still have erections.  Looking for comments back on others who have had any experience with laser ablation treatment - particularly from those who have had experience with Dr. Walser.


Initial diagnosis 7 years ago (age 54) PSA 30, G9, stage T3b

Subsequent radiation treatment 73 Gy (41 fractions) IMRT complleted August 2008 with following 3 years Luprone treatment ending April 2011.  PSA baseline lowest at 0.2 ng/ml

From 2011 to 2013 PSA slowly rising reaching a DT of 6-7 months.

Negative F18 bone scan and MRI studes (2/2013)

C11 Acetate PET scan indicated activity mostly in the mid to left apex with no other evidence of metasis (9/13)

Salvage cryoablation performed by Dr. Silverman March 2014.

PSA slowly rising to 3.2 ng/ml (9/15) from 0.5 ng/ml.  Again C11 acetate PET scan indicated two spots of activity within the prostate gland.


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    laser abalation

    ustoo.org has discussions as well. There is one that is long lasting that discusses focal laser abalation. If I remmber right Dr. Walser contributed to this discussion.


    You may wish to contact Dr. Walser's office to determine if they might contact the insurance company so there is renumeration.


    You may also investigate if any clinical trials exist where there is no charge.