Security Alert

Sonja.K Member Posts: 79 Member

Has anyone else received a "security alert" when signing in to CSN?  Should it be a concern? 


  • phrannie51
    phrannie51 Member Posts: 4,716
    That's a new one on me...

    I haven't gotten it....


  • Barbaraek
    Barbaraek Member Posts: 626
    I have not seen it either..

    in my sign on...



  • wmc
    wmc Member Posts: 1,804
    I have never seen this.

    I have never seen an alert. You might want to sign out and then back in. Copy what is says and let CSN know 

  • Noellesmom
    Noellesmom Member Posts: 1,859 Member

    I did get it.

  • MrsBD
    MrsBD Member Posts: 615 Member
    Security Alert

    Yes. I had trouble logging in last night because of it. Tonight was fine.

  • Skiffin16
    Skiffin16 Member Posts: 8,305 Member
    Seen It..

    I have seen it in the past when they were doing updates and maintenance pn the site..

  • Ladylacy
    Ladylacy Member Posts: 773 Member

    I get the security alert everytime I try to sign in on Firefox.  When I sign in with Edge or IE I have no problems.