Pet scan and CT's (3) indicate Left Lower Lung with 1.2cm irregular node, SUV 3.6 what is next?

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My wife a female 42 years smoker had COPD attack on 6/30/15. Hospitalized to 7/24/15 and attends rehab for three months. Areas of concern: Left lower lobe had CT, bilateral thicking mucous plugging on 6/30 CT; then 7/7/15 Small bilateral effusion (fluid) with a change at lung base (LLL) and patchy air space in Left Lowrr Lobe(LLL); Pet on 8/13 showed consolidation posterior LLL SUV 3.9 (sugar FDG); 11/25/15 CT(3) showed multiple nodules up to 3mm seen in prior CT; however, also, "Spiculated Solid 1.2 CM nodule posterior"  as a new finding (?). Just had on 12/4/15 Bronchoscopy EBUS at Memorial Sloan Kettering and Dr. "A" took three needle biopsies and fluid samples of lymph nodes. Results in 2 weeks.

My wife Pulmonary DR. P was right on the money, he showed us comparative CT 6/30 (day admitted) to 11/25 CT and a triangle shaped node say 1.2cm appeared (LLL) and agreed with future screening tests. He says it can be anything. Dr. A (Sloan) after EBUS exam, spoke to my daughter a recover room RN and stated the area (1.2 cm nobe-LLL) could not be reached due to closed airways for EBUS to reach, but on the other three nobes (4mm;8mm, 3mm) they all looked healthy and prior screening CT/Pet shows no new growth in these mutiple nodes.

Conclusion: 1.2cm LLL has airway closed and prior CT/Pet showed cloudy results. The Pet had two other areas of concern(lite up), but two tests showed false positive reading by two seperate specialists and they said they get false positives frequently on Pet scans. Dr. A at Sloan is a very busy Thoracic surgeon and on initial exam stated EBUS will help tell what kind of "infection"!.My wife had four cases of pnemonia's , but scar tisslue usually does not cause FDG sugar to light up if the SUV is over 3 SUV.  Research says all different things could cause the 1.2 cm triangle nobe, if it realy is nothing more then mucus, still formed in her LLL from the 6/30/15 COPD attack (her first at the age of 69). Has anyone had a simular 1.2cm trianglular node detected and what happen to you? 



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    You might want to address

    You might want to address your question to the survivors and oncologists who monitor