How to avoid liver failure: tests, discuss


I'd like to know if you do something to avoid liver failure: blood tests for example, how often? I don't see it much discussed here


We saw how nice members like Winter Mary had it, did she check liver function from time to time?


Anyone not checking liver function in say half a year?


I think this is important to continue having chemo and continue fighting


Did any of our members have liver failure and recovered? How? I guess it was with a bit of chemo rest? Possible it helps to monitor function often so the failure is reversible?


Sometimes chemo causes the loss of appetite, sometimes liver failure, we need to be cautious




  • Trubrit
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    Every three months

    I have a slew of things checked, including a liver panel, every three months. 

    I have not known anyone with liver failer come back, but then, I have only know of a few here on the forum, both have gone now. 

    Sue - Trubrit

  • JanJan63
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    I get a whole panel of things

    I get a whole panel of things checked every few months. Including my liver. Everything has been good so far.