My husband has a rare stage 4 lung cancer

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In the beginning of the  year I lost my job and June my husband (my love of my life) was diagnosed with a rare lung cancer and it's at stage 4. It's an aggressive and has spread.  He has been in and out of the hospital and at times things got so bad that I thought I would lose him.  But Thank God He Is Still With us. He has been on chemo and it's was stopped after radiation therapy finished because we learned chemo alone does not work. Instead his cancer grow larger with chemo alone. After radiation therapy finished he was hospitalized because he got sick and got blood transfusion. Now he is on immunotherapy  (opdivo) once a day every two weeks . I just pray it helps reduce the cancer because I want my husband to be with me longer and see our girls grow up and drive him crazy with boyfriends.


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    My husband also

    Is on Immunotherapy, but his is Keytruda. He has stage 4 melanoma that spread to his lung. He's been on this since May and while there have been some reduction of the original nodules, he has lymph nodes in his chest that show inflamation and it's unsafe to do a needle biopsy to find out if they're cancerous. In the meanwhile, the immunotherapy has affected his thyroid so he's on medication for that. And he has bizarre side effects - full body muscle spasms, shortness of breath, queasiness, and fatigue. He's been in the hospital twice in the past three weeks and had every test you can ask for...MRI, CAT scan, blood work, echocardiogram, xrays, and so forth. He's also severely dehydrated and I have a hard time even getting water into him let alone food. Today all he ate was a half of a turkey sandwich and four grapes, and half a glass of juice. 

    I understand how you feel, I don't want to lose my husband either. I feel as if I live in a constant state of terror. It's hard.