I find this a little frightening - Warning: A little gruesome

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I was reading an article in the BBC News online, unrelated to Cancer (if your interested http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34920068), and it mentions that many bodies of people who have been on Chemotherapy, do not decompose as fast as regular bodies. 

Think Twinkie. 

I don't know if I care to find out exactly what went into my chemo cocktail after reading this. 

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    Eww. It's scary when you

    Eww. It's scary when you think about it, what they put in us. I remember when I had the bottle of chemo to take home. The dogs didn't get to sleep in the room and we had a special spill kit in case something happened. And they pump it right into our blood. Creepy.


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    Not sure if I mentioned, but at one visit I pulled my chemo bottle out of the pouch when returning and said something "Like I chugged it all."  Was admonished to be careful.  And you need to deposit in a special burn bag (Yellow).  

    As to Twinkies, I think Zombieland from now on ;)

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    Gotta flush twice with the

    Gotta flush twice with the chemo, stay away from kids and pregos for 8 hours after PET scans. Upside, I've had few colds and one short flu in 8+ years, no serious infections either, so maybe this toxic stuff makes it hard on viruses and some bacteria. It doesn't matter to me that I'm partially embalmed, since I'm getting cremated, and the world can kiss my ash, LOL..........Dave