Happy Thanksgiving

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Smile Happy Thanksgiving!

Best Wishes and good luck as we head into the Holiday season.


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    Best Wishes to you too.

    In Portugal we celebrate this period differently than the USA. We don't have the traditional turkey dinner but instead we travel to the countryside regions for tasting local traditional produces. It all starts on Saint Martin's Day, on the 11th of November, drinking the new wine with roasted chest nuts (in France they feast it with Beaujolais nouveau). Instead of turkey we have sort of home-cooking stews prepared with wild boar and pork meat. Most of these festivals involve the whole population of certain small villages that serve their food to visitors in the streets. They all compete to get the best "answers" from visitors about their new wines, sausages, breads and sweets.
    Close to my place in the Algarve there is a tinny village called Sao Barnabe that is famous for mountain mushrooms dishes and the Medronho (a distilled spirit made from the fruit of the strawberry tree).

    I wonder if PCa enjoys it too.

    Happy holiday season to all.


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    Holiday in Portugal


    I liked your description of the holidays in Portugal, thank you for sharing them. You are a very interesting fellow.

    Best wishes.

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    Happy Holidays


    That sounds great.  The video is interesting.  How great it is to celebrate the natural gifts from God, and being out in the country in Nature.  I feel like the true meaning of Thanksgiving has been lost here in Central Pennsylvania, USA.  Especially when the front page of the news paper is covered with pictures of people camping outside of stores starting on Wednesday afternoon, and alll day Thanksgiving day, then they fight to get into the stores around 6PM on Thanksgivng day to buy Christmas gifts. 

    Best Wishes for a great Holiday Season to all.  And, may we all have many more.

    Peace and God Bless