Biopsy needed 5 weeks post radiation treatment

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I read many post from this board when I was first diagnosised in May 2015. I had a lumpectomy at the end of July and needed a re-excision to get clean margins a week or so later. I went through 7 weeks of radiation with the last week being a "booster" since I still had close margins. That ended in mid October. On Tuesday I went in for my first mammo since last May and I had suspicious microcalcifications in the same general area of my original dx and my radiologist recommended another biopsy, especially since I had high grade DCIS with comedonecrosis. Had that today and have to wait until next week for results because it's Thanksgiving.

There isn't much information about this type of situation. I am starting to understand that it might just be benign fat necrosis, but it doesn't fit the description I read about. It might be from the radiation or it could be that they didn't get it all and/or new cancer cells have formed in spite of radiation. Has anyone else been through this?


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    Waiting for results sucks!

    I haven't been thru this, but I sure know what it is like to wait for test results, the absolute worst. Very annoying to have this happen over Thanksgiving, but I hope you manage to enjoy the day anyway. Try not to fret about your results as it might turn out to be benign in the end. Let us know what they say... Take care, Anna