What is she really feeling?

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My wife is an 8 year survivor of her original "in situ" diagnosis and a 3 year survivor of stage IV metastatic breast cancer. Up until now I have always believed that I have been a great caregiver, and I've probably have done a decent job. I support her, I am there for what she needs. But I recently realized that I am there for what I think she needs, but maybe not necessarily for what she actually needs. My wife is positive, so strong, so caring and she does so much for others who have been diagnosed with cancer. I always assumed that because she is that way, outwardly, that she has things under control. Maybe she does, but I don't want to assume anymore. She may have a little problem being vulnerable, so I would like to hear what she is probably feeling and how I can be a better caregiver.


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    Just the fact that you are

    Just the fact that you are thinking about this tells me you are a good caregiver and you probably are helping her more than you know. My husband has been my rock and I consider myself a tough cookie. Just knowing he is there and loves me unconditionally is what I really need. Bless you for worrying, and take heart that you are doing your best, just as she is doing hers.

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    Talk to her

    Wow, you sound like a very loving spouse, your wife is super lucky. Tell her exactly what you told us here. She probably would admit that she feels vulnerable sometimes and knowing that you are ok with that would be wonderful for her to hear. I think what all of us "cancer ladies" really want is just someone who really listens. Best, Anna

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    What they said, and bless you

    What they said, and bless you for being there for her!