I wanted to drop in and wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving!  I often think of the silver lining that exists around these dark clouds that settle over us in our lives.  Grateful that this happended to me and not my daughter, husband and family that I love dearly.  Grateful for all of the extra phone calls from my family....this has brought me closer to them than ever before.  Grateful to be here today, in the moment, being able to teach my 16 year old daughter eveything I know...because no one is gauranteed tomorrow.  

I have had surgery, 6 rounds of chemo, 5 weeks of chemo/radiation, and now back to more chemo.   I sometimes wonder how much more of this I can take.  But this site has been a blessing.  Just knowing some of the symptoms and emotions are shared makes it more bearable.  So, thank you to all of you, another silver lining that has made me feel that I am not alone!  God bless.



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    No, we are all here for you! Feel free to call upon us for anything!  Good Luck

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    Have a wonderful

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Here in Canada we've already had ours and I was so grateful to be well enough to make the whole dinner myself.