46 yrs diagnosed with Colon Cancer with Liver Metastases

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Hi, A new bee here. I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer about a month ago. 

Saw blood in stool, went to a Gastro who in turn did a colonoscopy to discover a tumor in the colon. I had subsequent CT / PET Scan that confirmed the disease and looks like they did not see anything else in the PET scan which is good.

It was in total shock in the beginning worrying about my family but their prayers, support, and encouragement and that of our extended friends / family is carrying us through. 

The doctors at Hopkins decided to take the tumor off two weeks ago laproscopically through colon resection. The sigmoid colon resection surgery went well, was in the hospital for 2 days and was off the pain medication 4 days after surgery and recovered quickly. I am glad atleast the tumor is gone for now. 

I am meeting with a liver surgeon next week at Hopkins to get his thoughts before starting the chemo process. I guess the option I have is to do chemo to shrink the lesions in the liver followed by a liver surgery or a liver surgery followed by chemo. I will know more about my treatment plans next week.  The oncologist is thinking about Avastin and FolFox for my Chemo. I have been reading a lot about this topic lately. I am encouraged about peoples experience & attitude towards this disease in this support network and the advances in medical technology to help us all with better outcomes. I will keep you all updated on my progress and Thank you for reading my post.


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    Welcome to the forum

    I am sorry about your diagnosis, but alas, what can one do.

    It sounds like you are moving ahead quite rapidly, and I'm happy to hear that the bowel resection is behind you. 

    Whichever treatment plan you decide on, know that we will be here to support you through. 

    Until then, Happy Thanksgiving for this week (and forever). 

    Sue - Trubrit

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    Sounds like you're in

    Sounds like you're in "dealing with it" mode which is a better frame of mind than I started with. Had the sigmoid colectomy as well, with two reoccurances in the liver. Chemo was annoying, but tolerable. Hope it treats you gently, as well. You have a plan and a great facility to get you through this [from all I read], so my hope is that you can stay in the moment and enjoy the holidays and the people that matter to you. I look forward to hearing your progress...........Dave