I am Home!!


Got released this morning....the human body is amazing....like total turn around in the night.  Nerves quit screaming, able to turn my head, and get my arm over and close to my head without feeling like "I wish the PT people could get a chance at this, they might not be so mean"....LOL.  It's amazing to me how everything just settled and the only thing I feel is tired....not pain really at all.  Dr. send me home with a sh** load of Oxycotin....about a 5 year supply for me, since yesterday I was using only Ibuprophen and doing fine. 

Now they're saying the pathology might not be in till Friday....really?  It sure takes a long time....Please keep the prayers coming that the nasopharynx is clear, and I don't have to shift to my life to some city far away, to get treatment. 

I LOVE you guys....you're all family to me....Some of you I've known for a long time, some not so long....but you're all important to me....I just feel so safe here....from the very first day.



  • CivilMatt
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    I am glad you are at home and feeling little discomfort.

    I will continue to direct good mojo your way.



  • jcortney
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    I don't want to say

    "I told you so", but I told you so :)

    Did you check out that ACS commercial?


    Love you girl, 



  • swopoe
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    So glad

    you are home and doing well. Sending you prayers for a good pathology report.  <3

  • wmc
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    That's good news

    There is no place like home.  I had many days with no pain at all. When they pulled the drain tube out is when I got some but really not much. The nurse could not believe when I said pain was zero, she looked puzzled. Glad you are back home and doing good. Thoughts and prayers, along with lots of good Mojo.


  • TracyLynn72
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    Home and healing!

    I am so happy to read this!  Welcome home!  Get some rest and heal quickly!  Love you!!!

  • MrsBD
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    There's no place like home! I'm elated you're doing so well and agree that our bodies are amazingly made to be able to recover from such trauma. You can find plenty of activities to keep your mind occupied until those results come back. Think of all the online Christmas shopping you could get done! In the meantime, I'll keep the prayers flowing.

  • Laralyn
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    So glad you're home and

    So glad you're home and feeling relatively well! I'll be thinking of you this week, and the pathology results. Hoping for the best possible results. :-)

  • lorig01
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    I am so happy that all went

    I am so happy that all went well and that you are home and pain free. I am sure Friday will bring good news.

  • Bsauls94518
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    Awesome News!!

    So glad to hear you are home too!  I was thinking about you hoping all was going well.

  • Noellesmom
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    Wonderful news!

    Now, relax and recover!

  • osmotar
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    No place

    no place like home to heal and get the much needed rest... Blessings for good news from pathology.

  • staceya
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    osmotar said:

    No place

    no place like home to heal and get the much needed rest... Blessings for good news from pathology.

    I am so glad you are home and

    I am so glad you are home and on the road to recovery. Call me if you need anything. Hugs!! 


  • donfoo
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    checking off the days...

    I was hoping to see a post from you. So glad the procedure and recovery went well. Waiting again something you dread a lot but Friday will be here soon and given it was caught early and low update, you're sure to get a great report. Heal fast, horsies are hungry. :)

  • Mikemetz
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    No Place Like Home

    Welcome back, Dorothy...I mean, Phrannie.  Here's wishing you the best on your lab results.



  • KTeacher
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    Home is the best place to recover.  It sounds like you are doing very well.  After I found that the wound had healed, the skin felt tight, I rubbed Bio oil and massaged the area.  I would emagine you could use vit. E or your calendula cream.  The scar will lesson and blend into the crease in the area.  I never had PT so I don't know how they plan to torture you!

  • cid817
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    Prayers and positive thoughts
    Prayers and positive thoughts to you, P.
  • lifeisDHA
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    The pathology report

    wil take 5 days at least I think.  Waiting time is hard. Will pray for clear nasopharynx report!


  • hwt
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    lifeisDHA said:

    The pathology report

    wil take 5 days at least I think.  Waiting time is hard. Will pray for clear nasopharynx report!



    Wear the scar proudly! Prayers for continued good news

  • Hondo
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    Hi P


    So glad to hear you made it and are doing well, don’t get rid of the cotin you never know when you might need them. I too will continue to stand in the gap for you with prayers.

    God Bless and keep you in His tender care


  • Goyca
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    Glad you are home 

    Glad you are home 


    Sending you hugssss


    love u