shoulder pain?

I seem to be past the sore throat pain now and am eating food normal, although the appetite still is not there yet. Been about 8 weeks post radiation treatments now. But what about the constant burning and pain from the dissection? That was done on the 1st of July? Some days are worse than others. Last night I was up every hour all night long. The upper muscle on the back side of my shoulder just burns like crazy and nothing really relieves it. I take ibuprofen but only when I really need it. It helps some but doesn't relieve the burning sensation of the back of shoulder and my ear. I use Biofreeze which helps as much as anything but it wears off pretty quick. Like in an hour. What are you all doing to help with this? Is this something that I will live with from now on? I don't want to get back on the pain meds if I can help it. It took me 3 weeks to wean off of all that stuff. I was wondering if it could also be the lymph node fluids still trying to find a path and bleeding out into the muscle? I don't know but even the muscle on the other shoulder is sore now. I wish I could get a shot of something to numb it LOL. Is everyone else dealing with this same issue?