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Brenda Bricco
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The good news is that Dennis was able to get his first chemo last week... that his platelets seem to be cooperating more now.The bad news is that they did a scan and saw something in the peritoneal nodes (*spelling) to add to the liver and lung tumors. Cry 

Does anyone have any advice or experience they could share as for the rash? If you do, it would be much appreciated... I read that he should avoid sun, alchol and petroleum based prodicts I'm sad, mad and so afraid.

Thank you Wolfen and Jeff for replying to my previous post... it helps to know there are folks out there.

God's blessings to you all.




  • Trubrit
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    Hi Brenda

    It doesn't hurt to be sad, mad and affraid, just balance it all out with a positive attitude. Still, I can only begin to imagine how hard it must be to stand by and watch someone you love, go through everything. It almost makes me glad I'm on patient end of it. 

    I know several people have mentioned the rash, so hopefulyl they will come onto the forum soon, and help you with advice. 

    Sue - Trubrit

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    Hi Brenda

    Here is a link to an earlier thread regarding rash from a specific chemo.

    Hope that you find something there to help.

    Fear, sadness and anger are unfortunate side effects born by caregivers.  Please come here when you need understanding and compassion.  There are lots of both from the folks here.

    Prayers for your dear hubby and you.

    Marie who loves kitties

  • Easyflip
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    about HIPEC for the peritoneal spread. I know people who have had good results from it. Try to stay positive, I know it's hard but it's harder on Dennis knowing he's freaking out the people around him. He needs optimism right now. Good luck!


  • jen2012
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    Wish I had some good advice

    Wish I had some good advice on the rash.  For my husband (about 6 months in on Folfiri with erbitux) the rash has been bad.  He takes the oral antiobiotic and also uses the gel on his face.  Our sheets, pillow cases and his tshirts have blood stains all over them.   It seems that it is getting a little better the last two treatments, however it also seems that the chemo is no longer working.    

    He has a pet scan this Friday so we shall see.   Getting results 2 days before Thanksgiving.  Ugh.  I really don't think the medical community appreciates the toll this life  has on the patient and family.  I know there isn't much they can do about it, but a little compassion and understanding goes a long way.  We don't get that from many of my husband's team.  Actually people in general don't understand the toll of this life....unless they have lived it.  I find it to be exhausting and overwhelming.  It's just hard.  

    Rely on your faith and those you can count on to help you through.  One step at a time.  Remember worrying will not change anything and may just steal any happiness you can find.   It's hard I know.

  • PhillieG
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    I was on it for 6-7 years. What I did to try to lessen the uncomfortableness was to use fragrance-free products whenever I could. I really had to watch the sun and the heat. I survived and my tumors shrunk. Results were more important to me than how I looked. The last year or two of that treatment it was more redness than acne.