Am I delusional?

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Starting off in Sept with parotid gland primary stage 4 metastasized to lymph nodes and lungs.  Began 3rd round of carboplatin/Navelbine and my oncologist said the parotid glan tumor is not palpable.  How effective could this treatment be for my other tumors?  I have a PET scan in December.  Am I delusional to think the tumors could be gone?


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    Not Delusional

    Things are looking up for you. My cancer was different and so was the chemo, but I remember distinctly when my oncologist said the fact that he couldn't feel my lymph nodes anymore was a "really, really, really good sign." I hope the rest of your treatment goes by fast for you.

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    Well for sure the one

    has shrunk to the point that it can't be's hoping they are all responding the same way.  It's the same cancer, so definately I'd be optimistic.


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    It is starting to be looking better..........

    Lets see, Delusional; A false belief or opinon; You have a tumor that the doctor said was palabale, so you are definitely not delusional at all. It seems so small he really can't feel it, and that is a very good thing. Now lets just hope all the others do the same. This looks as the perfict combination for your treatment. Just take one day at a time and don't ever forget to celibrate all the good news big and small as well. To me that really sounds real big news. We'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Glad you didn't wait and got to a different doctor. I am not one who will go to a doctor that says lets just wait and see what it does. I have seen what it can do in a short time first hand. You did the right thing.



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    it's just as hard to accept good news as it is to accept bad news...there's this tendency not to believe it. But I say, hey...miracles happen...why not? I hope your PET scan confirms what your best outcomes are!