How a bad day turned into a very good day

Where do I even begin? My husband had a partial glossectomy and selective neck dissection on Nov. 4th. Recovery was going very well until last night when out of the blue, he bit his tongue pretty hard. After applying pressure with gauze and not getting the bleeding to stop, his doctor advised us to go to the ER. To make a long story short, after 9 hours in the ER and several attempts to stop the bleeding (some of which worked temporarily), my husband went back into surgery this morning at 9 am to cauterize the wound and stop the bleeding. It was a short procedure, only about a half an hour long, and it did the trick. Never have we seen that much blood though, and never have I seen my husband have such a scared look in his eyes. It was truly a frightening experience. His doctor said that bleeding complications can happen, and in the scheme of things, they are easy to fix and not that big of a deal. But we were very scared. my husband is staying overnight at the hospital for observation, but he will be released tomorrow morning.

The interesting thing is that we were supposed to meet our doctor this morning to have my husband's stitches removed from the neck dissection and to find out the results of the pathology report from surgery. Well, when I saw the doctor after surgery, he said that he removed the stitches during surgery (how nice of him...LOL), and that the report was not in as of this morning. But that he would let us know as soon as it was.

This afternoon, I left the hospital to come home and be with our kids, and my husband called because the report was in. The doc will call us to discuss it in more detail, but the main points are that all of the tongue cancer was removed with clean margins as expected and not one of the lymph nodes that was removed from the right side of the neck was cancerous! None! Can you believe it? So now discussion of further treatment will begin. One of our doctor's residents (who was with us all day in the ER and then again in surgery) said they may do radiation or they may not because God forbid it ever comes back there is a limit on the amount of radiation you can do. They may just want to monitor him closely instead. Anyway, the doctor will discuss it more with us.

We just can't believe it. Deep breaths. A bad day ends on a high note. Wow.


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    All in all

    It was a very long but good day.

    Very happy you got such great results!

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    I am glad to read that what started out as a stressful day turned out to be good news for both of you.

    My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here


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    Oh I imagine that a tongue

    can bleed a LOT.  Scary, scary thing to see.  Ah but...CONGRATULATONS on the report!!  I'm hoping and praying that he'll get to skip the rads and chemo....just heal and get on with life.



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    Bad to Good

    How scary for you all! I'm happy that you received such good news and hope your husband's recovery will be quick.

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    Good news, if in an odd way, but still good.

    All and all it seems to be good. I never had radiation, so saving it for later is fine. They will keep a close watch and If it shows any signes then they can do the radiation. If it never shows back up, he has no radiation burns or side effects. All and all it is good. Still keeping you both in my prayers, can't ever hurt.


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    Awesome News!!  Thats

    Awesome News!!  Thats great!!


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    I had cancer in several of my

    I had cancer in several of my lymph nodes so radiation and chemo was recommended. Since it appears your husband's cancer has not pread, I certainly recommend against any radiation at this time. Just keep a close eye on it.  I know two people who had tongue cancer that had not spread and they never had any other cancer show up.

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    Hi Swopoe

    Good things can always come out of something bad


    God Bless


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    So glad to hear the good news part!

    and I would say your good news definitely trumped the bad. Hopefully you can avoid the radiation and all its side and after-effects. Feels good to exhale doesn't it?!