Possible Reoccurence of Throat Cancer

I've had a sore throat, cough, transference ear pain, etc. since August. When I went to see my ENT in August, she said I had scar tissue problems and see her back in a year. Fortunately, I didn't wait a year and scheduled a new appointment which was yesterday. My ENT is on Adminstrative Leave (?), so I had a new doctor who I really liked. He felt something in my neck and did the exam through my nose. The machine was connected to a screen so I could see inside my throat. Unfortunately, it was a fairly large white mass in the left side of my throat. He wasn't sure what it was and wants a cat scan. Also he hads prescribed Fluconazole pills for 2 weeks. He hopes its a fungal infection (Thrush).

Needless to say I'm a nervous wreck. Has anyone had anything like this? I had cancer of the voice box 4 years ago. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. If I have another tumor, I don't know what the cure could be as I'm sure I can't have radiation twice. Thanks for your help!


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    Sorry to hear about you might possibly having a reoccurrence, but like we say until they say for sure, it is not cancer.  As far as a second radiation, yes you can.  My husband was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer, he underwent radiation (35 treatments) and chemo first but that didn't get it and had surgery.  One year later when having a TEP inserted, our specialist came out and told me he couldn't do a TEP and that my husband had a second primary at the cervical of his esophagus.  He told me surgery was out and that radiation and chemo would be the course of treatment.  So he underwent a second round of radiation (35 treatments) in almost the same spot as the first and more chemo.  We were told up front that they would have to watch his cartoid artery carefully because it could rupture.  The only problem he had was a burn on the new skin from the surgery.  Well his throat did close of again but they were able to reopen it for all the good it did.  His tumor came back larger at the cervical of his esophagus and the cancer went into his right lung. 

    So yes you can have a second round of radiation in basically the same spot.  My husband did in less than a 2 year period. 

    Wishing you the best -- Sharon

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    ENT is on Administrative Leave (?)

    Just that statment just makes you wouder as to WHY. 

    Sorry it looks as it might be a reoccurenc. Not sure what it is, but my tumor was sure not white. The doctor took photos and gave me a copy. At this time lets hope it is just thrush or at least something like it.


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    I'm so glad you saw

    this new Dr.  Good for you for not listening to the other Doc....a year?  Oh yeah, sure....Sounds like this Dr. is on the ball, and that's good.  It could be Thrush...we all know how it can sneak up on us, and if it's not in the mouth we don't think of it. 

    Don't jump to conclusions about the radiation...the way they can map it out seems to me, anyway....that close to the old radiation is a far cry from the same place.  There are a few people here who have had it more than once....

    And as said around here a lot....it ain't cancer till somebody says it is (people are laughing, because I'm a nervous nelly, myself...and know how hard it is to have a runaway mind).  Waiting is the HARDEST part.....


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    Glad you took the initiative

    and scheduled an appointment. I hope the further tests yield an answer for you and that you don't have too wait too long because that's so anxiety producing.