Hair loss after 4 1/2 yrs on Tamoxifen

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 I have been on tamoxifen for 4 1/2 years and I'm just now, in the last month, experiencing a lot of hair loss. It's coming out evenly not in patches.  I'm losing enough that I'm having to clean out my hairbrush every few days.  I am 47 years old and started having menopause symptoms right after starting chemo.  I had my six-month follow-up with my oncologist yesterday who had no suggestions and had to look up the possible side effects of tamoxifen while I was there and found nothing .


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    Talk with your OB/GYN

    I've been on Tamoxifen for 6 years now, and have not experienced any hair loss.  I'm 46, and nowhere near menopause, and chemo didn't affect my periods at all, so perimenopause/menopause isn't an issue in my case.

    I'm angry to hear that your oncologist didn't seem knowledgeable about Tamoxifen side effects -- you deserve better, and I'd really encourage you to speak with someone who knows more about this.

    In my own experience, my OB/GYN has always been more knowledgeable about how Tamoxifen affects women day-to-day, as she sees has lots of patients who take it, and talks with women every day.  And an OB/GYN would definitely be more knowledgeable about how menopause might be a factor.

    Please don't just settle for your oncologist's answer.


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    I was on Tamoxifen for 5 yrs

    I was on Tamoxifen for 5 yrs (NOW off 2 plus years) I never had any issues with me hair, but we each are effected diffently.


    I was mid 40s while on tomoxifen.



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     I stopped having periods as

     I stopped having periods as soon as I started chemo and was told tamoxifen was the cause for my menopause. My oncologist couldn't rule out tamoxifen  for the hair loss,  but suggest It could be related to menopause.