dear all,

i saw this today and it made me feel so proud of my husbands scars and thankful for them. It also reminded me of all we went through since the day he was diagnosed. Time has passed. The scars have healed.  We are doing well.  Back during treatment it was hard to imagine we would get to this point.  If you are just starting, or going through treatment, be encouraged.  Sooner than you think you will be able to look back And feel proud for your own scars. 


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    Thank you

    for this. I was just telling my husband today that scars show how strong you are. He had his neck dissection last week and the scar is a big deal for him. He is so strong, and he makes me so proud. As do all of the survivors here. 

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    Thank you...........

    Avisemi thank you for the wonderful thought. I am glad you both did so well and he got through the treatment. It can seem forever, until time passes then it becomes a memory. You both will always be in my thoughts and prayers.