Something Wrong With Tongue

Ok, so a couple of days ago, my throat began to hurt and I just thought that I was becoming ill and had tonsillitis or something.

Today, it is still hurting but I don't feel ill. So I went to the mirror and touched the back of my throat with my finger and I felt a couple of lumps (which I then thought were the reason it hurts to swallow) so I got my camera on my phone, turned the flash on and I saw what looked like a folded peice of skin which was quite thick and further down (yes I struggled to get my phone to see) I see a white/yello lump and i don't know what it is. Yes. i smoke and im scared.

Can anyone help?



  • phrannie51
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    Call and get an appointment

    with an ENT (Ears, Nose, and Throat Dr.).  He'll be able to see it easily, and relieve your mind.  It's scary I know, but the earlier the better.


  • wmc
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    When you have problems in the throat see a ENT

    You should see an ENT. They have the tools to really see back there and have the knowledge as well. I am not a doctor and I have not seen what you saw. At this point I would say not to worry but have it looked at. There is times you can have white spots on and around your tonsils and it is nothing. Also lots of flashes on canera phones put out a yellow tone light. I only use a true white LED. Oh by the way, quit smoking. Not kidding, I have stage 3 emphysema and there in no cure, and I had my larynx [voice box] removed because I got cancer from smoking. It's not to late to quit.


  • GavinP
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    This needs checking...

    It's probably nothing serious but any white/yellow spots in mouth/throat should be checked by a doctor or dentist.