Alternative Treatments

First, get sugar out of the patients diet now!!! Cancer loves sugar, when the patient is better and you want to introduce sugar back into their diet, please  become informed about the difference between processed and non processed food! Raw is best!

Second, I am not here to debate treatment.

I am here to help, to provide infomation and let you decide for yourself.

I am tired of hearing and seeing children dying needlessly, suffering unnecessarily because of greed! I lost my mother to bladder cancer, I have witnessed first hand the agony of its victims, my father was doing chemo, kidneys failing, his eardrums were being eaten by chemo and in dental distress, severe pain due to the build up under the gums (they don't tell you about all these side effects), he was not going to make it, I got him to try baking soda, wheat-grass, cannabis oil and food grade peroxide, his doctors laughed, in 3 months he was off chemo, the doctors stopped laughing, 5 years later he is still cancer free, he says he wishes he had known before he started chemo, he will never, ever, do chemo again and if he had even known the real damage chemo causes, he would not have done it in the first place, he has to wear hearing aids now because of the destruction to his ear drums.

Food is medicine, but not the processed, genetically modified, low fat, artificially sweetened poison the majority of the population is eating today,this is my facebook page where I post everything I find relating to alternative treatments and I do not advocate stopping whatever treatmnent you are participating iin at this time if it is working for you, everything I post is natural and should pose no harm in using in combination with traditional treatments. but of course, consult your doctor before starting.

I cant imagine what i would have done if my son were to have had to go through cancer and every time I see a child who has it, I think of him, if I can help just 1, that is all that matters.