Radiation and itching


New to this board and I see the helpful advice you have given to others so I thought I would ask a question.  I finished chemotherapy and radiation treatment for my breast cancer.  My last session of radiation was in August.  My problem is that I still have terrible issues with itching on the breast that was treated.  I was given a perscription pill, but I thought by now I would not be using them.  I do not use the pills all the time.  I use cream (Cloderm) prescribed by my skin doctor.  Aslo eucerin which my chemo doctor recommended.  Just wondering if anyone has/had a similar problem.  From the radiation the breast is still warm.  This type of treatment (radiation) is very severe and to me was worse than chemo.  Any advice would be appreciated  


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    Wishing you relief - I did not go through

    radarion-- chemo queen here .. I am sure someone will sign on here and provide you with so much need information and solutions to help you out ..

    Vicki Sam

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    I do have any advice..I did

    I do have any advice..I did not have any issues with radiation (NO chemo)


    I hope others here have some helpful suggestions!



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    Try ALoe Vera Gel

    I used Aloe Vera Gel through all of my radiation treatments. Never had any problems. Not sure why you are still itchy and warm. You may have an infection. Check with your doctor, if you finished treatments in August it seems to me you should not still be feeling warm.