Two year checkup....NED

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Well Monday was a very long day. I had to drive to my two year checkup which is 213 miles and we had a large storm so the four hour drive took five hours to get their be cause we got stuck for one hour in standstill traffic because of a wreck. 

The good news was the checkup was good as expected and my doctor said he liked the videos I did and has shown them to many of his patients. Then the SLP stopped by just to say Hi and as I was leaving one of the techs said, I know you, I've seen your videos, you won't believe how many people he has shown them to. That really made me feel good knowing they have helped more people. Then my 11 hour day was good, and I see him in six months. I know the videos have been seen in 22 countries and have helped some get lung function test. Now they have also helped some know they can take inhalers, and encourage others make the adjustment to be a Lary. It was a good day, long [430 miles] but good. Still  N.E.D.



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    I'm Grateful

    that NED was the result of your long day and that you are such an encouraging soul to others Bill! Thank you for your posts here on the message board.



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    I'll keep it short - OUTSTANDING Laughing on your NED

    My Best to You and Everyone Here

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    news on the NED! Continued good thoughts coming your way!

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    Whoo Hoo, Bill!!!

    NED is what we all love to hear about!  Always a relief, I know.


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    Great news about your two

    Great news about your two year NED! It's a milestone for sure. I'm happy to hear your videos are helping others. Hopefully you will be doing many more school talks and continue to make an impact.

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    Congratulations on your NED

    Congratulations on your NED and your helping to others with your video. You also inspire a lot in the site. Thanks!

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    Congratulations on your NED

    Congratulations on your NED and your helping to others with your video. You also inspire a lot in the site. Thanks!

    Wonderful news

    Congrats all the way around.

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    so glad to hear some good news.

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    Thank you all....

    I really have never been nervous about going for my checkups. When they took my larynx they got the tumor and everything around it and them some. Then they took 86 total lymph glands from both sides [48 on the left and 38 on the right] just as a precaution. They did think one looked like it might be something before the surgery, so they did a neck dissection on both sides because of my lungs they wanted to save the radiation for later. They did ask if I wanted to do radiation, which I didn't. My doctor also said that he is not recomending it and feels I don't need it. If he would have said he did recomend it I would as I had so much faith in him. I did my research before and new I could go anywhere I wanted. I chose Stanford for several reasons. It has a great National rating in both Cancer and ENT. Texas was not going to be practical for travel as my wife will not fly and my son needed to be able to come and go back home when needed. His credentials where he graduated and did his internship was some of the best.

    When I told him that I could whistel and blow up a balloon he asked me to do the videos. I thought he was just being kind. He said If I do them and have them on YouTube he then could use them and there was no conflict because he could not film me. Too many Doctor, patients confidentially rules and problems. I never thought he would really use them that much. I believed the SLP would because when we met before surgery she got on the phone and had me talk to a person that had the prosthesis I was going to have. I could not tell he had one.

    I think this is the reason I have the need to help support others. Kinda like Pay it foward or at lease pay it somehow for been given a second chance on life. I owe someone..........


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    Good news!

    Good news! Great to hear about it and nice to hear the good vibes spreading! Cool

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    Wonderful news!

    So glad to hear!

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    Congrats Bill

    wonderful NED news 


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    osmotar said:

    Congrats Bill

    wonderful NED news 


    Congrats Bill

    Many congratulations for your NED. You are one of the helpful persons on this board. May you have many many many many more NEDs. Great going.


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    Congratulations, looks 20/20 to me.





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    the long day was totally

    the long day was totally worth it! Yay to NED!!!!!! And yay to all the good you are doing by Sharing your story!!!!

    congrats!!!! I am so glad I checked the board today. It is awesome to have some happy updates to celebrate!

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    Great day!

    Hi Bill,

    Congratulations Bill on your milestone! I also want to thank you for our info and positive input to all on this site, especially to our new teamates. You have helped and encouraged so many including me. All the best, josh r.

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    Yo Bill,


    Glad to hear such good news. Wishing you many more! 

    Monday was a rainy one, made me work at home rather than do the drive to SJ.

    We'll catch each other at the next one!



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    Amazing news Bill

    Amazing news Bill